Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Photons. The tiniest of particles, not really "things" as all. We call them light, or heat, or chemical reactions, pretty much every ordinary event in our everyday lives.

The scientific theory goes like this: Only photons travel at the speed of light. They have zero mass, so they can move at the very fastest speed in the universe: the Speed of Light. The theory also says: YOU cannot ever get to the speed of light, because you do have mass. If you push the scientific accelerator halfway down, you might get moving at half the speed of light...but if you shove it all the way to the floor, uh, well, you don't double your speed; you don't quite make it all the way to the Speed of Light.

You start adding mass, and time slows down. All that rocket fuel just turns to extra blubber! The closer you get to Light Speed, the closer your weight edges out toward infinity! And the closer you get to Light Speed, the slower and slower time passes...not that you'd actually notice, of course, if you're actually on that rocket.

But the light from the sun, from the distant galaxies, from the Cosmic Background Radiation left over from the Big Bang itself, all this light and heat travel at the Speed of Light: No Mass, and No Time.

To us, it looks like the Speed of Light is pretty limiting. But to a photon, the moment it leaves a star in some remote galaxy is exactly the same moment it hits your eyeball. At the exact Speed of Light, time slows down all the way to zero. The bits of light you see do not experience any time en route; they touched that star at precisely the same time they touched your face.

Photons, all the heat and light and chemistry in the universe, do not experience time. And since they never experience spatial separation. What did my high school teachers explain? Distance equals "velocity multiplied by time." So if time equals zero, then distance equals zero, too. Photons experience you and the stars at the exact same instant, and in the exact same place.

And this is the logical conclusion that the scientists never say out loud. One of them patiently told me, "Photons don't have experiences." Nice man, but his solution to my logic was not very logical.

So, shamans everywhere, you are right! Radio waves, X-rays, light, heat, and every single energy exchange mediated by photons (chemistry, fission, fusion, you name it)—they all depend on non-time non-space "thingies" that match every spirit reality ever expressed. Eternity, Infinity, Omnipresence. All dawning every morning and rising with the stars every night.